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Regenerative Agriculture is our highest priority.

Our company have developed an organic compound soil amendment that improves moisture holding capacity, is pH neutral, improves soil carbon and is proven to reduce the percent of synthetic fertiliser use by an average of 50% without loss of crop yield.

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  • Team of experts

    Our dedicated team of agricultural experts specialises in soil science and agronomy. With a deep understanding of soil composition and health, our team is committed to providing tailored solutions to optimise soil fertility and productivity. Leading the team in the science department is...

  • Leading edge product

    Discover our revolutionary soil solutions on the forefront of agricultural advancement. Experience a substantial boost in crop yields with our cutting-edge soil technology, meticulously designed to optimise growth and sustainability.

  • Sustainable practices

    AustGreen's soil amendment products offer targeted solutions to agricultural challenges, including reducing reliance on chemical fertilisers and mitigating groundwater contamination. Through trials in three countries, these products have consistently improved crop yields while decreasing chemical fertiliser usage by 50% to 100%.

  • Proven track record

    AustGreen's quarries in Australia and R&D partnerships with top universities like the University of Melbourne, University of New England, and Swinburne University ensure innovative solutions. With over 11 years of proven success in countries like China, Thailand, and Vietnam, trust us to elevate your horticultural endeavours.

Want to grow your own produce at home?

Our Raised Garden Bed is perfect for any enthusiastic garden lover. Whether you're adorning your space with colourful flowers or cultivating fresh vegetables and herbs for a healthier lifestyle, this versatile bed serves as the perfect companion for your garden endeavours.

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