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Who We Are?

Regenerative Agriculture is our highest priority.

We have developed an organic compound soil amendment that improves moisture holding capacity, is pH neutral, improves soil carbon and is proven to reduce the percent of synthetic fertilizer use by an average of 50% without loss of crop yield.

What differentiates our compound organic fertilizer from others?

    • Improves soil moisture retention and CEC levels
    • Zero withholding period at any application rate
    • Environmentally beneficial and organic in nature
    • Increases soil friability
    • Increases microbial activity
    • Increases carbon content
    • Zero offensive smell
    • Zero pathogens
    • Improves soil aeration
    • Neutral pH to counter soil acidity levels
    • Increases plant root mass

Our Company

Improve global food safety

AustGreen was formed after extensive research in 3 countries over 11 years. This work follows on from more than 12,000 published research papers on the base product; high silica mineral. The results from high silica mineral across agriculture and horticulture is conclusive, the results are always positive.

AustGreen has established quarrying operations in Australia. The high silica mineral reserve is of the highest quality. Tests conducted by the University of Melbourne show Amorphous Silica (non-crystalline) at >94% and total Silica as SiOat 84% making this deposit as some of the purest and safest high silica mineral available. (Full test results available on request)

AustGreen has embarked on the establishment of mining operations and manufacturing facilities in Victoria, Australia to produce organic fertilizer/soil conditioning and environmental clean-up products with exceptional qualities.

Our agricultural target markets s are the major crops grain crops where the improved water holding capacity of the mix (>200% its own weight) and improved soil structure capabilities will be of most benefit.

We will also produce specific products for horticulture crops where gains of over 30% have been recorded under supervised trials in 2 countries

We will work in the Regenerative Agriculture area where our products Organic and natural properties along with its carryover effect will be most valued.

Innovative proprietary technology is used to produce products which use local organic raw material inputs, each independently proven to improve soils, crop yields and pest resistance. The compounding of these products gives them a multiplying effect (1+1 =3) not just a cumulative (1+1=2) advantage.

AustGreen has a dedicated team of experienced people continuing trials and Research & Development work, recentlyundertaken at the University of New England, Armidale, New South Wales and continuing at Swinburne University, Wantirna, Victoria to maximise the benefits to farmers, horticulturalists and the home gardener using the products.

The AustGreen team has a heavy focus on experience particularly in Asia, and has many previous successes and plans to expand its sales into several Asian countries.

AustGreen is dedicated to the success of farmers, we invite you to run your own farm trials, and we are here to assist and are confident that the results you achieve will change your way of farming forever.



The negative impacts of agriculture on both the environment and society are well documented. Food systems contribute between 19 and 29 percent of global annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with 80 to 89 percent of that impact from agricultural production.

Agriculture is responsible for 75 percent of global deforestation, and croplands and pasture occupy half of the world’s vegetated lands. Globally, agriculture accounts for about 70 percent of all water consumption and the run-off of fertilizer, manure and pesticides are major sources of water pollution in most regions of the world.

These factors are subject to the increased pressure of a growing global population, and increased demand for higher impact agricultural ingredients.

For major food and beverage companies, developing systems to purchase agricultural products that are grown or produced sustainably is a critical step towards mitigating these risks and gaining more secure supply sources.

Issues such as deforestation, water pollution and scarcity, climate change, and working conditions affect all companies operating globally, but are particularly relevant to those with supply chains stretching down to the farm level.

These are not just environmental and social challenges, they also pose significant business risks, including: commodity price volatility; product quality and contamination issues; reputation and brand impacts; and uncertainty related to the long term availability of agricultural products.

Stakeholders, including consumers, are taking an increased interest in corporate supply chain management, and expect more accountability and proof that a company’s sourcing practices have positive rather than negative environmental and social impacts.

Ceres and Sustainalytics Report 2014.

While these issues are currently are being addressed by major agribusiness in the Western world and parts of Asia, they will certainly become fundamental for other major developing countries of Asia. Since that report the words Regenerative Agriculture have become more widely used and AustGreen believes 100% in this. We need to lower reliance on chemical fertilizers. We need to stop unnecessary ground water contamination through chemical leaching or direct runoff. We need to lower the loss of chemical fertilizers to the atmosphere. We need to improve our soils water holding capacity. We need to increase the soil carbon and we need to increase our crops resilience to pest attack.

AustGreen’s soil amendment products very specifically addresses these issues at the farm level. Throughout our trials in 3 countries we have seen improved results across many farm crops while reducing the use of chemical fertilizers from 50% -100%. The positive effect this has on sustainability is not just in the first year but in years to come.


Soil degradation and mineral depletion through the use of chemical fertilisers and increasing pressure on land through the need to increase yields to meet the inevitable increase in demand for food has created a number of opportunities for the use of innovative soil conditioners and fertilisers.

Our strategy is to identify large scale well located natural resources and raw material inputs which through the application of suitable technologies can produce a product which address these particular opportunities initially in Australia, and then in other regions.

People are our great strength:

  • We have a very strong group of multi-disciplinary and multicultural people who understand the needs of agriculture today.
  • We strongly believe in working with highly qualified practical local partners, and in developing strong ties with academic and research institutions in several countries.
  • This compounds our people resources and gives us strength, innovation and quantifiable results to show farmers how they can benefit from our product.

Above all we need our people to mirror our principles and be sensitive to the communities in which we work. We are dedicated to growing the talents and aptitudes of our people and this, supported by our natural resource and market base, is what distinguishes us.

Our Products

Eight advantages of AUSTGREEN soil conditioner

Increase profit

AustGreen compound organic fertilizer/soil improver is competitively priced to traditional fertilizer, and with the increased yields from extensive research trials it can improve profits. In horticulture where multiple applications of chemical fertilizers are recommended the use of a single application of AustGreen compound organic soil improver lowers labour and machinery costs too.


Residual Effect of AustGreen compound organic product:

The compounds in this soil improver have a long term benefit in the soil and research has shown that in year 1 in rice crops there was a 20% increase in yield and in year 2 without any further inputs there was a 12% average increase in yield.

These trials have been replicated in China and will be replicated in Australia in 2021 after the completion of the 2020 horticulture trials.

Improve product quality

The application of AustGreen compound organic fertilizer/soil improver can increase crop lodging resistance. This is due to the effect of the high proportion of silica (SiO2) and the purity (94% amorphous) of the product. More than 4,000 trials worldwide have shown the positive effect of this.

Improve soil condition

AustGreen compound organic fertilizer/soil conditioner is pH neutral, and contains 2 types of carbon as well as other inputs designed to improve the soil condition. Increasing the soil pH assists in  changing the cation exchange capacity and improving the environment for soil microbes to function. High silica mineral holds approximately 200% its weight in water and plant roots can take advantage of this meaning less water stress occurs. All these factors improves the soil condition in the short and long term.

Reduce environmental pollution

AustGreen compound organic fertilizer/soil conditioner has excellent adsorption, and can increase the adsorption of chemical fertilizers (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium), this leads to a reduction in the decomposition of nitrogen fertilizer and emissions to the atmosphere of ammonia, binding up of phosphorus and the loss of potassium in the water. The reduction in use of chemical fertilizers from 50% -100% means less loss through leaching or volatilization reducing water and air pollution.

Reduce pests and diseases of crops

AustGreen compound organic fertilizer/soil improver contains a large proportion of high silica mineral and more than 20,000 published scientific papers show the reduction of pests and diseases in a large variety of crops across the world.


Governments in many countries are looking for ways to move to regenerative Agriculture to overcome the negative effects caused by poor agricultural practices and the overuse of chemicals (fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides). As early as 1995 the Chinese Government received US$300 million to assist in regenerative agriculture on the Loess Plateau to overcome land degradation and resulting starvation.

Natural Fertilizers are an integral part of Regenerative Agriculture. There is increasing recognition that the nutrient values of harvested food are linked to the biological activity of soil microbes, soil organic matter, the mineral composition of the soil, fertilization practices and the genetics of the plant. Exhausted soils depleted of needed minerals and organic material cannot grow healthy, nutrient rich food.

AustGreen compound organic fertilizer/soil conditioner is a unique combination of essential minerals to replenish those that have been depleted or exhausted in the soil and this encourages increased soil microbial activity as well as releasing nutrients that have been bound up in the soil over decades of over use of chemical fertilizers.

The AustGreen management strongly believe that one of the next great advances in agriculture will be in the utilization of plant and soil microbes, and that there is a great potential for applying appropriate technologies in this area to its existing resource base.

This problem is made worse in the rapidly growing Asian region by land scarcity and severely depleted soils, so yields per hectare of existing farmed areas need to be increased to meet the inevitable increase in demand.

The Australian Government has set a goal to increase agricultural exports by over 60% in the next 10 years. We cannot continue using the same old techniques, production improvement has plateaued we need to adopt other technologies and we need to improve our soils to achieve this goal.

AustGreen compound organic fertilizer/soil conditioner will play an important part in addressing these challenges.

We ask you; do you want to be part of the change and improve your productivity? Do you want to truly leave your soils in a better state than when you began farming? Why not contact us and trial our product on your farm and measure the results for yourself.

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